We definitely haven't run out of wonderful healthcare workers to honor here in Eastern Iowa!

Every morning this week at 6:45 a.m., we announced another KHAK 'Healthcare Hero of the Day.' That hero was posted on the 98.1 KHAK Facebook page, but in case you missed any of them, here are the honorees from the week of June 8th, 2020:

  • 6/8
    • Michelle Ellis, RN at St.Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids
    • Nominated by Nascha Mahoney
    • "Michelle is a phenomenal nurse. She worked hard to get where she is and has always been a caring and amazing individual. Her heart is so big, she puts forth all the effort she can in everything she does. She's an amazing friend and stepmom to my disabled son and an amazing nurse. From doing her normal job to now working on the frontlines of the pandemic, she is our healthcare hero!"
Nascha Mahoney
  • 6/9
    • Tracy Sieck, LPN and Infection Control Preventionist at Keystone Nursing Care Center in Keystone
    • Nominated by Lindsay Niebes
    • "Tracy has been working endlessly to make sure that the residents and staff are up to date on the latest news and recommendations related to this pandemic in order to keep all of us safe. She implements new regulations and practices as soon as they are released. Tracy compassionately calls families and reassures them that our staff is doing everything possible to care for their loved ones. Tracy treats every single resident she cares for as if they are her own grandparents. Please consider Tracy, as I believe that she deserves to be recognized as a leader in the long term care industry!"
  • 6/10
    • Rachel Taves, RN/ARNP at ManorCare Health Services in Cedar Rapids
    • Nominated by Diane Burke
    • "At the onset of the COVID 19 crisis, Rachel helped develop and perform screening procedures for all patients and personnel to minimize the impact of the disease spread to residents. Although this facility was impacted heavily, she has maintained consistent care and support for staff, residents, and families. Rachel has been a leader in keeping spirits up to both staff and residents. Her previous medical experience at University of Iowa Health Care and at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids in the critical care areas provided her the specialized skills that were needed to effectively manage the outbreak. She is truly a healthcare hero to many."
Diane Burke
  • 6/11
    • Kristin Birch
    • Nominated by her mom Kandi Klein
    • "My daughter is so deserving of being recognized. She lost her 4-month-old son last February. She was in school finishing her RN degree when her whole world fell apart. She had to leave her schooling for a month, but then returned to finish her degree. She graduated in December and then was offered Assistant Director of Nursing at Briarwood Nursing Home in Iowa City before she even did her boards. She has put her life back on track after such an unimaginable loss. She puts her utmost effort into caring for every elderly patient at the facility. I am so proud of how strong my daughter is and think she needs to be recognized for her essential work."
Kandi Klein
  • 6/12
    • Tiffany Rodgers, CMA at the University of Iowa Neurology Department
    • Nominated by Kristy Rodgers
    • "Tiffany puts her life on the line every day. She is really good at her job and strives to make herself better. Whether she is taking temperatures at the front door at midnight or working her regular shift in her clinic, Tiffany always makes her patients a priority. She deserves to be nominated because she is a superhero who goes to work every day to make sure her patients can get what they need. Thanks, Tiffany!!"
Kristy Rodgers

If you know another great healthcare worker in the local area, nominate them to be one of next week's winners HERE!