Kenny Chesney has announced a partnership with Engel, a cooler company, for a new line of coolers which also raises awareness and money for ocean preservation.

According to a press release, Chesney wanted to find a new way to bring awareness to his commitment to the world’s waters while pleasing his fanbase.

“The No Shoes Nation has a serious commitment to how they spend their time,” Chesney says. “When they tailgate, they are hardcore. So I wanted to find a company that understood durable, portable, lightweight and high performance. Engel’s all about functionality, whether it’s a backpack with a removable liner, an indestructible cooler or a tumbler that keeps drinks the right temperature for 36 hours — and won’t spill.”

Engel has worked with the Coastal Conservation Association’s National Habitat Program, Building Conservation Trust, and as a result will donate a portion of the sales of No Shoes Nation-branded products to building artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, surrounding rivers and waterways.

“It’s not just about doing business,” Chesney says. “It’s about creating something people will think is cool that also makes a difference in our world. When you can take something and make it mean more — especially for coastal preservation — that’s when I get intrigued.”

Engel CEO Paul Kabalin says the company believes in protecting the ocean so it's here for future generations. Ir's a mission Chesney is very much on board with.

“This was a great way to up the No Shoes Nation tailgating game — and do some good for the No Shoes Reefs. If there’s one thing I know about my fans: they work hard, they play hard, but they also care about the world they live in. This is a way for them to do it all together. To me, that makes tailgating even more awesome: make memories, make a difference."

To learn more about Chesney's line of coolers, visit Engel.

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