Joey Feek passed away in March, but her husband, Rory Feek, is still trying to fulfill the wishes that she stated before she died.

The Joey + Rory singer was stricken with cervical cancer in 2014, and then suffered a recurrence in 2015. Her brave, faith-fueled fight against the disease inspired country music fans the world over, but she passed away in March after a valiant battle at the age of 40. Rory shared his wife's struggles in a series of posts to his blog, This Life I Live, and he is still updating fans in the same way. Most recently, he shared that he took Joey's sisters on an adventure out West that Joey actually planned.

The couple spent their honeymoon in Montana in 2002, and Joey wanted her sisters to be able to experience Big Sky country.

"This past February, with snow on the ground outside her window at the little house by the Gaither pond in Indiana, Joey looked at the beautiful view from her bedside, and remembered another view that she loved," Rory explains. "And then with her three sisters gathered around her, Joey told stories about our trips out West to the Big Sky country. She showed them pictures we had taken during some of the adventures our family has had out there over the years.  And then she asked me to find a way to take her three sisters and their families out West for the first time this summer."

Rory complied, and some friends allowed him and his sisters-in-law to stay at their property. The group had a lot of fun seeing the local sights, but the trip was bittersweet, as Rory admits.

"For all the fun we had… the trip was hard on me. Hard on us all actually," he writes. "We all wished that Joey was there with us. At the cabin, I would watch Joey’s sisters all playing with their kids and I it broke my heart to know that Joey couldn’t be there to play with Indiana too. And I know that it hurt her sisters too.  But still, we all carried Joey’s memory with us on every mountain we drove up and every trail we walked down."

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