Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood made the television debut of their new single "The Fighter" Sunday night (Feb. 12) at the 59th annual Grammy Awards. Now, fans can get a first look at their video for the song for 24 hours.

The three-minute clip begins with Urban shredding his guitar before the cameras pan to a girl alone on a Greyhound bus. Holding a necklace in her hand, presumably given to her by an ex, Urban's vocals then come in.

"I know he hurt you / Made you scared of love, too scared to love / He didn't deserve you / 'Cause your precious heart is a precious heart," Urban croons over electronic beats.

Keith Urban Raves About Carrie Underwood on "The Fighter"

Moments later, Underwood joins in to assist on the chorus. Meanwhile, the girl on the bus gets off at her stop and begins dancing in the street as the camera alternates shots of her and Underwood dancing along to Urban's performance.

“It comes from a very real place,” Urban says of the song in a press release. “It’s a song about helping to heal and protect someone you love. It’s a song about reassurance that you’ll always be there to take the blows the world can throw. Carrie and I had sung together before and I thought our voices blended really well — so she was unquestionably the right choice. It was such a relief that she wanted to do it.”

Urban co-wrote "The Fighter" with busbee. It is the fifth single off his Grammy-nominated album Ripcord, released last year.

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