Kane Brown is giving fans a peek into his new music, revealing a new track called "What's Mine Is Yours" on Instagram. From the sound of it, his sophomore album will be anything but a slump.

The video shows Brown singing along in the car to a hip-hop-tinged ballad, occasionally making eye contact with the camera and bobbing his head to the beat. The song is a tribute to the lady in his life — likely his real fiancée, Katelyn Jae — explaining that though his life may have changed from bachelorhood, he’s totally fine with it. Giving up his side of the bed, counter space, his heart ... it’s all worth it. Brown announced his engagement in April of this year during a show in Pennsylvania, noting that he was engaged "to a girl from Philadelphia." They've been publicly dating since January.

The singer's first record was a raw, new sound for country music, which made a name for the young artist straight away. Only 23, Brown rose through the ranks with his first single, “Used to Love You Sober,” and has been one to watch ever since. His most recent single, “What Ifs,” is a powerful duet with childhood friend Lauren Alaina, answering the subject’s doubts about the relationship with the good kind of “what if” possibilities.

Brown has not yet revealed the release date for a new album.

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