It's now been more than 22 years since KIMT (Mason City, Iowa) morning news anchor Jodi Huisentruit disappeared the morning of June 27, 1995. Her car, blood, and some belongings were found in the parking lot of her apartment that morning after she didn't show up for work. Like many of you, undoubtedly, I feared we might never find out what happened to her. However, comments from Mason City police chief Jeff Brinkley have given me renewed hope.

Brinkley says tips and other information continue to come in to police and he believes authorities are "really close." Brinkley told Radio Iowa,

I hope it’s this year. I think it’s really close. I think when we can get it going, it will pick up steam and I think it will come together pretty quickly when we can do that. I don’t think we’re far away from having a few things fall together, and we’re going in a very specific direction. We just are lacking a little bit of evidence to be able to do some of those things, and I think at some point we’re going to catch that break, either through technology or a cooperative person investigation. Things will fall pretty quickly when we get started down that path.”

Does "we're going in a very specific direction" mean police believe they know who the culprit is? Let's hope they do and that those final pieces fall together, soon. Jodi deserves that.

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