Jillian Jacqueline may be a happily taken woman (she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend in March), but that doesn't mean she can't deliver a song that perfectly describes an aching romantic situation.

In "If I Were You," which features guitar and backing vocals from Keith Urban, Jacqueline relates the mixed feelings involved with trying to move on romantically after a painful breakup—and the difficult process of being attracted to someone new, while another person is still on the mind.

"Hate how he’s still got me / Blame it on bad timing / You shouldn’t come so close / When you’re looking at me like that," she sings to a would-be lover, with her voice melding perfectly with Urban's throughout the track.

The singer co-wrote the tune with Sarah Buxton and Jordan Reynolds. The new song serves as an introduction to her forthcoming EP, Side B, which is set for release soon.

Jacqueline released her debut EP, Side A, late last year, and in an interview with Taste of Country, she shared that it is incredibly important to her to say something unique and personal in her songs.

"As an artist, I've always wanted to say something that hasn't been said quite the way anybody else has said it. So for me, as long as I can maintain individuality with every single line, I will sing it," she says.

Jacqueline has been busy playing out on the road, and will join Kip Moore's After the Sunburn tour in September for a string of dates running through November.

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