When you're a country superstar like Jason Aldean, you're on the road a lot —sometimes even more than you're actually at home. Aldean, though, has made sure his home away from home, i.e. his tour bus, is a great spot to relax and live life on tour.

The country star and his wife Brittany recently offered fans a peek inside Aldean's tour bus via Instagram. "It's like Cribs!" Brittany jokes, nodding to the MTV series that took viewers inside celebrities' homes.

"We're actually on this as much as we're at our home," says Aldean. Adds Brittany, "Yeah, if not more."

Luckily, the tour bus setup looks pretty sweet: Aldean's bus is outfitted with TVs everywhere, including one in the bathroom to watch from the shower and three in the main bus area. Aldean's even got the perfect spot to sit to see all three of those at once—you know, when it's game day.

A coffeemaker, fridge and dishwasher are all in the kitchen area—but no stove, as the couple tends to rely on microwavable meals or catering during tour season. There's also four bunks: two for guests and two for their youngest children, Memphis and Navy. The zip-in cribs are outfitted with baby monitors so Mom and Dad can keep an eye on them as the bus is rolling down the road.

Aldean's own bedroom is pretty nice, too: A queen bed is outfitted in neutral colors, and a few photos hang on the gray walls. Aldean jokes that it's "where the magic happens," to which Brittany quickly clarifies, "No more babies!"

"That magic is over," adds Aldean.

Aldean's 2019 Ride All Night Tour kept him away from home much of this summer, and 2020 is looking to be busy as well: The singer has announced his We Back Tour, in support of his forthcoming new album 9, which will launch on Jan. 30.

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