In this new group of country songs, artists faced their fears about heartbreak, championed messages of self-empowerment, declared the importance of meaningful relationship and much more. Read on to hear the latest new country tunes! 

Jana Kramer, "Good Enough":

Jana Kramer shakes off toxic criticism from the people in her life -- and most importantly, from herself -- in "Good Enough," a soaring new track that encourages listeners to take a deep breath, stay the course and love themselves every step of the way.

"I wanna, I wanna be / The one that you stand for / Reach out your hand for / I wanna, I wanna be / Good enough for me," Kramer sings in the song's chorus. On Instagram, she added that she hopes "Good Enough" offers support to everyone who hears it, no matter what they may be grappling with in life. "I hope this song empowers, strengthens, challenges and encourages you!" she wrote. -- CL

Kelsey Lamb, "Girl at the Bar":

Kelsey Lamb’s "Girl at the Bar" deals with a familiar country music theme: Coping with heartbreak while pretending everything's okay. “I get so frustrated with the way I handle heartbreak,” the singer admits. “I don’t wear pain on my sleeve, I am the person that puts on a happy face and powers through like nothing ever happened.” “Girl at the Bar” appears on Lamb’s self-titled debut EP, which came out in May. -- CC

Noah Schnacky, "I'll Be the One":

As far as Noah Schnacky is concerned, chivalry isn't dead, and meaningful relationships can still be forged. “I believe really reaching out and being available is the best way to connect,” Schnacky says, explaining the inspiration for his single “I’ll Be the One.” “When you slow down, take your time and focus on the little things, that’s where you prove how much the other person means – and grow a relationship that matters, one moment at a time.” "I'll Be the One" was written by Schnacky along with Seth Ennis and Jordan Schmidt. -- CC

Lauren Lucas, "Go Home Paul":

Lauren Lucas' "Go Home Paul," which she co-wrote with Jay Knowles, has quickly begun to resonate with fans for its accessibility and relatability. According to the artist, that fan connection is what makes the song special to her, because that's what she values in a song as a listener.

"'Go Home Paul' has been one of my favorite songs that I've been part of as a songwriter. I've had both women and men come up to me after shows and tell me they relate to the story, so I'm thrilled to have it finally recorded and released into the world," Lucas explains in a press release. "Some of my favorite songs to listen to as a fan evoke emotion in me because they cut right to the truth. I hope we wrote this song personal enough that it feels universal to the listener." -- CL

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