The son of Iowa's head football coach listened to some advice from his dad that led him back to the football field and, eventually, to next Sunday's Super Bowl.

James Ferentz was the starting center for the Hawkeye football team for three years, ending in 2012, and was second-team all-Big Ten his senior season. When his collegiate career ended, his football career did too. At least for awhile.

Ferentz sat out the entire 2013 season and worked at Randy's Carpets in Coralville. However, the hunger was still there. James' dad, Kirk, always encourages players to chase their dreams and James listened.

He returned to football as a member of the Houston Texans practice squad in 2014 but was cut before the current season. Just before the regular season started, he signed with the Denver Broncos and has been part of the active roster throughout the season. He's the Broncos backup center and also plays on special teams. He's also the only former Iowa Hawkeye that will play in this year's NFL Championship game.

Here are Kirk Ferentz's comments earlier this month at a press conference: “... He’s a really good story and if I wasn’t his dad, he would be one of our great stories. The guy was working for Randy’s Carpets. Basically, he was moving carpet around. I don’t think they actually let him put it down. He’s not that refined, but that was what he was doing, that and training here. It’s a good story of sticking with your dream and chasing it. I encourage all of our guys to do that. That’s what your 20s are for in my mind, chase your dreams a little bit and see where they take you. You’ve got your whole life to work a real job. It’s great. I’m really happy for him.’’

I'm sure Kirk and Mary Ferentz will be inside Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California next Sunday for Super Bowl 50. They'll be two proud parents loudly cheering for the Denver Broncos. You can also bet there will be MANY other Iowans cheering for Denver, because of the Ferentz family.

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