Isn't seeing the new commercials part of the Super Bowl fun?

I'm not really a sports fan, but I do watch a least part of the Super Bowl every year. Why? For halftime and the commercials, of course! Seeing all the new commercials that companies pay around 5 million dollars for is one of the big draws of the Super Bowl. And that's why I'm a little confused.

With social media and the internet being so huge in today's society and such a big part of our lives, companies have started posting their Super Bowl commercials online before they even AIR. We are a few days away from the Super Bowl, and you can already see most of the commercials on YouTube! What's the fun in that? I get that a lot of people might not be watching the game and still want to see the ads, or people will want to see ones that they missed, but I think that maybe they should post them AFTER they air. I mean, they paid so much money to show them during the game, let us see them during the game!

It doesn't really matter too much to me, honestly. I'm not going to lose sleep over something as silly as this, but I think that it does take away some of the fun of watching the game. If it doesn't matter to you and you still want a sneak peek at some of the spots, be our guest! Here are some of the ones that have been released:

See more HERE.

What do you think? Should companies stop posting their commercials early? Or does it not matter? Share your opinion in the comments.

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