Jake Owen didn't have to look far to find inspiration for his "Homemade" music video. The new clip shares his grandparents' love story.

Owen's "Homemade" video features the singer in an old-time love story, falling for a girl through a series of letters. It's exactly how his grandparents, Granddad and Nanny, fell in love, he explains on an episode of his Good Company With Jake podcast.

“My grandparents' story and how they met is truly the American love story," Owen says. "When I think about the love that people have had together, and I think about their story, there are plenty of songs that could be written about the love they share together."

In real life, Owen's grandparents are 95 years old and have been married for more than 70 years. In his "Homemade" video, however, some unexpected news threatens to tear the couple apart — and there's no resolution just yet.

"Homemade," written by Bobby Pinson, Ben Goldsmith, Drew Parker and Jared Mullins, is Owen's third single from his newest album, Greetings From ... Jake, which arrived earlier this year. The project is his first with Big Loud Records, which he signed with in late 2017.

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