For some, golf is boring to watch, boring to play, or just too frustrating to learn. For others, golf can be some of the most fun times they have in their lives. A day on the course with your family or friends can be the highlight of the week for some people.

It's a unique and goofy game where you are normally competing against yourself and the course, as opposed to other players. Some days you go out and hit every shot exactly how you want to. On other days, you're making a trip to the clubhouse for an extra Busch Light before hole 4. Two Iowans in their 80s have used golf as a way to still have fun, get some regular exercise, compete, and show what the magic of golf is really all about.

Glenn Ashcraft and Larry Steinbrecher are from Sioux City and have been longtime friends. As two guys who are in their 80s, they're still enjoying rounds of golf, multiple times a week, at the Sun Valley Golf Course. It turns out their golf games aren't too shabby either. According to KCRG, they were just crowned the club's Monday Night Men's league champions and this is the second time winning the league in 3 years.

At 80 and 84 years of age, Glenn and Larry are proving that age is just a number. That doesn't mean they haven't faced difficulties in their lives as both have dealt with health issues that have kept them off the course.

According to KCRG, Glenn had open-heart surgery and Larry has had a cancer operation in years past. Both wanted to recover so they could get back to playing a game they love.

One of the best things about golf is that you can play at any age. From little kids in elementary school to senior citizens, golf is a game for everyone. You never know who'll you run into out on a golf course. According to KCRG, Larry says you can enjoy golf throughout your entire life.

The thing about golf is that anybody can play golf, all the way from these little kids that you see in the background, to old people like me. You can play it right up to the last minute of your life, you know, and enjoy it all the way through.

It's pretty fun to learn Glenn and Larry still have a bit of a competitive edge to them. They're still competing with each other to see who hit the better shot. Jeff Donaldson is the Sun Valley Course Owner and he's seen Glenn and Larry bring out a tape measure to see who's closer to the pin. According to KCRG, Jeff said

I think it keeps them young coming out here, and they enjoy each other’s company. And one of the first times I saw them out here, they broke a tape measure out, and they were measuring who was the closest off the tee to two pins. So they have a lot of fun.

Sometimes competitors just can't help themselves. It appears that boys will be boys, even into their 80s.

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