A mystery of an Iowa woman going missing has been put to bed.

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Authorities all over the country were looking for a Milford native for the past two weeks. She went missing after a flight out of Florida in early August.

Reports confirmed that she arrived at the Orlando Airport on August 5th at approximately 6:30 AM. She was bound for Louisville Airport Police that morning. However, she never arrived and seemed to disappear...

Or so we thought...

She didn't use any social media nor did she access any of her finances over the nearly two week period, which those close to her said was strange.

What actually happened wasn't necessarily something straight out of a true crime show, but actually a circus.

Black and white airport

According to a report done by KCRG, officials from the Louisville Airport put in a missing persons report for the woman several days after she had gone missing. Said report CLAIMED that officers watched hours upon hours of security footage, but could not find anything proving Lint had gotten off the plane.

All we knew was that she was on the Spirit Airlines flight on her way to Kentucky.

Conflicting reports came out from both the Orlando and Louisville with one party saying she had never left and the other saying she never arrived.

They had no clue where she went...

However, after nearly two weeks, Kentucky authorities were able to confirm that she spent more than an hour in the Louisville Airport and left.

She has been located in Indiana after a welfare check. Luckily, she is safe.

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