This past week we learned about the gun silencer regulations in Iowa and today we're talking about another device you might want to use for protection. At least I hope it's for protection and not just some drunken party trick device. I had this friend in college...that's a story for a different time. Can you legally carry around a taser in Iowa?

Depending on how much you'd want to spend, tasers are relatively affordable devices According to The Home Security Superstore, the tasers used by police officers cost around $400 but they can also range up to $1,500. Regular tasers can be as low as $9 and up to $80. It all depends on the size and power you'd like.

Iowa Taser Laws

According to Stun-Gun-Defense Products, "the sale and possession of a taser is legal in Iowa, except in Denison/Crawford counties, where they are illegal and prohibited." Now, if you would like to openly possess a taser and carry it on your person, there is a process you'd need to complete before walking around with one in public.

According to Stun-Gun-Defense Products, in Iowa, it is illegal to carry a concealed taser without a concealed weapons permit. The only exception to this would be if you are on your own property. If you are caught carrying a concealed taser in public without a permit, a hefty fine is headed your way. A fine of at least $625 dollars would be the minimum. The worst-case scenario would be a fine of up to $6,250 and up to two years in prison.

This also is a pretty obvious rule but the article also states that it is illegal to carry a taser with the intent to use it on another person, without justification. If you use a taser in a threatening manner on another person, without justification, you would be considered guilty of assault.

If you'd like to possess a taser, in most of Iowa, it is perfectly legal. It's important to remember to only use it when necessary. Just ask these Academy 84 Nevada DSP cadets. Ouch!

*WARNING* This is a training video that shows taser use on police cadets. View at your discretion. 

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