*WARNING* You might not even want to know what you spend every year using DoorDash and/or Uber Eats. I was kind of reluctant to look into this because I'm about as guilty as it gets when it comes to having someone drop food off at my front door.

Every time my fiance and I order food to be picked up and dropped off at our house, we just look at each other and roll our eyes. It's not the ordering the food part that bothers us, it's the fact we're too lazy to simply take 15 minutes out of our day to pick it up. By simply going to grab the food from whatever restaurant, we could potentially decrease our bill by $10 to $15. It's kind of mind-blowing if I'm being honest.

Proceed with caution!

Unsplash - Zhuo Cheng
Unsplash - Zhuo Cheng

How Much Are Iowans Ordering Delivery?

Ordering food isn't always the worst thing in the world. You could potentially have your vehicle out of commission, you might be out of food, or you just don't want to cook that night. It's okay to pay to have someone else make food for you every now and then. The key phrase here is "every now and then."

According to Upgraded Points, Americans spend over $1,566 on food delivery services every year. The most used delivery service is DoorDash as 45.4% of Americans claim it's their primary delivery method. Here's where numbers get a little bit shocking when it comes to the state of Iowa...

Upgraded Points
Upgraded Points

Iowans spend more money on delivery services than every state in America, according to the Upgraded Points survey, which was responded to by more than 2,100 Americans. Iowans spend an average of $3,366.22 which blows every other state out of the water.

Iowa is actually the only state where the average person spends more than $3,000 yearly. $3,366.22 would equate to 8.61% of the average median income in the state of Iowa. Iowans also spend the most per delivery order at $45.11. Per delivery, Iowa spends more than 27% of the national average. We also order delivery more times per month than every other state. We have food dropped off at our homes a little over 6 times per month.

New Jersey citizens would spend the second most with an average spending of $2,427 annually.

Iowans are spending close to $1,000 more on delivery services, per year, than any state in America. YIKES! I am completely guilty of contributing to this number. I don't even want to know what my fiance and I spend after seeing this information.

I might reluctantly check my bank statement at some point today and I'm assuming tears will shortly follow. Speaking of ordering out, check out some of these awesome Iowa restaurants you can order from.

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