The 30th anniversary panel for one classic sitcom in Chicago felt like a wholesome family reunion.

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The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) wrapped up the three day event on Sunday, April 2nd. People from all over the Midwest made the trip out to McCormick Place in Chicago to celebrate some major pop culture milestones and reunions.

From Captain America himself to Kevin Eastman the man who created the Teenage Mutant Turtles franchise, there were all sorts of different exciting guests and events.

One of the early highlights of C2E2 (and maybe my favorite panel) was the 30th Anniversary panel featuring the cast of the hit '90s sitcom 'Boy Meets World.'

The majority of the original case trekked out to Chicago for the event, this included:

Danielle Fishel ~ Topanga Lawrence

Rider Strong ~ Shawn Hunter

Trina McGee ~ Angela Moore

Will Friedle ~ Eric Matthews

William Daniels ~ Mr. Feeny

Bonnie Bartlett ~ Dean Lila Bolander

Daniels and Bartlett have actually been married for more than 70 years! 

The cast came back together for a sweet convention where they talked about the impact of the show, their own character's journeys, and their 'Boy Meets World' re-watch podcast.

The panel took place on Friday, March 31st which just so happened to be Daniels' 96th birthday! According to People, the cast from the hit ABC met up for dinner the night before their panel.


And of course they celebrated Daniels again on the day of his birthday! The full convention room came together to sing happy birthday to everyone's favorite teacher. While Daniels is a bit hard of hearing now, you can tell the joy that this room of strangers brought to him.

One of the sweetest moments came during the fan question and answer portion of the afternoon, when one attendee asked Will Friedle if he could still do the iconic "Feeny Call" from the series.

"No, I don't do the Feeny call anymore," the actor who played Cory's goofy older brother explained. "I gave it to the girls on 'Girl Meets World,' it's there's now."

The entire crowd audibly expressed their disappointment at the actor's retirement of the call.  Friedle even said that he was tempted to do it again for Daniels' birthday.

Without missing a beat, Mr. Feeny's wife Bonnie said,

"Maybe he wants you to."

Then Daniels says, "Come on! Give 'em an idea of it!"

You can watch the full video AND the first Feeny Call in years down below!


@kerrimacc The Feeny call returns for William Daniels (Mr. Feeny’s) 96th birthday at #c2e2 ! #convention #boymeetsworld #fyp ♬ Boy Meets World Main Theme (From ""Boy Meets World"") - Geek Music

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