Travis Kelce and several of his Kansas City Chiefs teammates met for a private dinner protected by police in the wake of the Super Bowl victory parade gun horror.

The 34-year-old tight end and Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 28, were on stage at the event at Union Station in Kansas City, Mo., on Wednesday (Feb. 14) when gunfire erupted, leaving one person dead and at least 23 others injured.

According to TMZ, the pair and others in the team met hours after the violence for a pre-planned meal at the Granfalloon Restaurant in Kansas City.

Patrick is said to have rented the venue and apparently had police on hand to help with crowd control.

Ahead of the dinner, Travis was photographed taking a selfie with local police officers outside the restaurant.

The owner of Granfalloon told the outlet a “few” Chiefs players attended the dinner, but did not disclose what took place inside.

Wednesday’s Super Bowl victory parade in honor of the Chiefs’ 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday (Feb. 11) started out joyously, but at around 3:30PM gunshots rang out, with footage showing crowds desperately clambering over barriers to save their lives.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mom-of-two and Kansas City-area radio DJ, lost her life after being shot during the parade, according to a Facebook post shared by her employer, KKFI radio.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves have said half of the others injured in the shooting were under the age of 16.

Officers added three people were detained after the shooting, including one person who was caught on camera being subdued by a heroic parade attendee.

Chiefs star Patrick took to X after the shooting to ask for prayers for Kansas City, while Travis messaged on the platform he was “heartbroken” over the violence.

Patrick’s wife Brittany Mahomes also spoke out, saying she was “highly embarrassed and disappointed” by the tragedy, which cops are now linking to a row between individuals in the crowd.

Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

A shooting near a parade celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory on Feb. 14 has left at least one dead and several injured.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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