Tucker Beathard has been hard at work penning new music, and on Friday (Feb. 10), he shared a brand new song called "Who I Am With You."

Beathard co-wrote this song alongside longtime Nashville songwriters Nathan Chapman and Jeffrey Steele, and the tune tells the story of how love can change someone for the better.

In the song's first verse, Beathard sings from the perspective of a man who previously closed himself off to the possibility of love. As he looks back on his old self, he sees someone he almost doesn't recognize ("Singing 'Born to Run' still a million miles away from who I am with you").

But, as he sings in the chorus, finding love changed him, and he's happy with who he is now.

"Who I am with you / Is all I want to be / Who I was before, wasn't even me / I don't know how you saw, let alone broke through / And loved me all the way / To who I am with you," he sings the chorus.

Beathard continues singing about his old self in the second verse, saying he had a "bad boy rap," but those days ended when love caused the walls around his heart to fall, "brick by brick."

The song is incredibly authentic and vulnerable, and while many fans may relate the message to a romantic relationship, Beathard says the inspiration came from his relationship with God.

"Being loved by someone else is scary,” he shares in a press release. "I think we run away from it, and reject it more than we realize. Because true sacrificial love changes you, and if you choose to accept it, that means letting someone other than yourself love you instead."

"It took a while before I finally realized, the love I was running from, was the love I was looking for and needed the whole time. God’s love," he continues. "I had to see Him and past myself before I could even get a glimpse of who I really am."

"Who I Am With You" follows previous release, "One of Those," which came out in November 2022. Both songs will be included on an upcoming new project. Beathard has also been teasing new music on social media, often sharing acoustic videos of newly written tunes.

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