Are your favorite country stars moonlighting as normal, everyday TikTok users? Of course not! That doesn't mean there aren't average people out there who are constantly getting stopped on the street because they look like a famous country singer.

They're called doppelgangers.

By definition, doppelgangers are "an apparition or double of a living person" and — when seen out of context — they can cause quite a stir.

Who Is the TikTok User Who Looks Like Taylor Swift?

Ashley Leechin has made headlines with her uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift. Not only does she share similar features to the pop megastar, she has also leaned in to Swift's signature looks and mannerisms to create a wildly successful social media platform.

Her TikTok, @noitisashley19, has 1.9 million followers who show up for her videos impersonating Swift. She wears similar outfits and does her hair and makeup just like Swift's. Leechin says the whole thing started off as a funny little skit with her husband, but she definitely chose to take it to the next level.

Country Star Doppelgangers on TikTok

Thanks to the Internet, we have a front row seat to the world any time we want it. TikTok is filled with celebrity lookalikes and, often times, these people don't even know they look like a famous person until someone tells them they do.

This makes the social media platform the perfect place to find people who look like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood or Morgan Wallen.

  • Trisha Yearwood

    With her blonde hair and warm smile, @amberrnoelle34 definitely resembles Trisha Yearwood. Her dolled-up look is very reminiscent of the country singer's looks at awards shows or red carpet events. Although, we're pretty sure Yearwood has never pierced her nose or her tongue!

  • Faith Hill

    With her big smile and fierce eyes, @sarahsfrench definitely favors Faith Hill. If someone was scrolling through TikTok quickly, they would surely pause and ask, "Is that Faith Hill?"

  • Reba McEntire

    Believe it or not, there is an actual convention dedicated to celebrity impersonators. @tatertotpa has nailed this Reba McEntire look. Not only does she have the red hair and the dance moves, she has also studied McEntire's facial expressions. It's uncanny!

  • Luke Bryan

    It's the smile, right? @beccaknitz shared this video and whoever it is in the clip could be a stand-in for Luke Bryan on American Idol. Couple those pearly whites with those soft kind eyes and this kid is the perfect fit. All he needs is some good hip-shaking.

  • Carrie Underwood

    Although there's a pretty good resemblance to Kellie Pickler, @jenberton certainly has the Carrie Underwood look, from her long blonde locks to her oval-shaped face. What really sells it though is her smile, which is a lot like the country star's grin.

  • Jason Aldean

    Aside from his vocals, Jason Aldean is known for his beautiful light eyes. @webbnation22 is rocking the same captivating eyes and scruffy facial hair. The structure of his face is also similar to the country singer's face.

  • Miranda Lambert

    Get this girl a little red wagon! @averyclairelittleton21 couldn't be a more a more perfect Miranda Lambert lookalike. Aside from the blonde hair, even the structure of her face favors the country singer. Is she also married to a former cop?

  • Luke Combs

    @morganbozeman_ says people love to say her husband looks like Luke Combs, and she's right! He hubby has the same build as the country singer and the right red-tinted hair color. He even has the same joyful smile. The true test will be how well he shotguns a beer.

  • Garth Brooks

    @danryanjones certainly favors Garth Brooks, so it's no wonder the shapeshifter filter selected the country singer as his doppelganger. There are similarities in bone structure and the light eyes — the cowboy hat doesn't hurt, either. Now, if he just had a colorblock button-up shirt...

  • Morgan Wallen

    Not only does @tuckerwetmore look like Morgan Wallen, he sounds like him, too! The long-haired, scruffy-faced TikTok user shares similar features to the country singer, but he is also an artist himself. Take a listen to some of his music and you'll hear Wallen's Southern drawl come through.

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