The World's Largest Truck stop, also known as the Iowa 80 Truckstop, is a staple of Iowa. We all already know that, but now it's going to be know for being really lit! They are celebrating new lights. These lights not only decrease the energy consumption, but also increase light levels.

Just last year it went viral on Tiktok, and now they look as clean as ever before!

If you find yourself on I-80 and need a place to stop, this is a great spot.

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Musco also went on to share some points about what these lights mean.

Energy consumption has been reduced 61 percent compared to the previous metal halide equipment, cutting costs and reducing the center’s carbon footprint.
Nighttime travelers enjoy a safer environment at the stop.
Drivers on Interstate 80 aren’t distracted by glare or light spill due to Musco’s patented visoring technology.

As someone who drives past this spot a lot I am excited for their technology that "minimizes glare at the light source and redirects more previously wasted light back onto the complex." More information can be found here. 

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