Megan Gustafson is the leading scorer in Iowa women's basketball history and everybody's women's college basketball player of the year, now she's headed to the WNBA.

Gustafson, who finished her Iowa career with 2,804 points, 1,459 rebounds, and 88 double-doubles (points and rebounds in a game) was drafted with the #17 overall pick in the second round of tonight's WNBA draft. She was taken by the Dallas Wings.

Many people expected Gustafson to be taken in the first round, but with only 12 teams in the league, that was not to be. However, I doubt it bothered Megan in the slightest. She doesn't strike me as a woman who thinks about what could have been. I expect she's already focused on her new teammates, how she'll be able to help the team get better, and how they'll be able to make her the best she can be.

Gustafson may not be wearing the black and gold of the Iowa Hawkeyes anymore, but there will be plenty of us in the Hawkeye state continuing to follow her and cheer for her.

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