The holiday season is upon us and many folks are already knocking out their holiday shopping lists.

Every year, there's a whole new list of the "hottest" toys that all of the kids are wanting. This year's list of the most wanted toys, according to Amazon, include items such as the Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall set, Baby Alive Baby Doll, and FurReal Munchin' Rex (just to name a few). It's funny to see how much toys have evolved over the years. For instance, when I was growing up Easy Bake Ovens were the hot commodity. I still wonder how a toy-oven baked food that I actually ate, but that's a whole other discussion.

Let's rewind and take a look at just how much things have changed. All Home Connections "compiled a list of the 50 most popular toys and games from the 1990s, then looked at Google Shopping trends over the previous year to determine which toys were the favorites in each state." As you can see from the graphic, Iowa's favorite 90s toy was Skip-It!

All Home Connections
All Home Connections

Skip-It was the toy where you would put your ankle in the plastic hoop and then try to spin the attached ball around your body and skip over it. Here, this will jog your memory.

Skip-It was just one of the many toys that used to entertain 90s kids. Our neighboring states of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all seem to have loved American Girl dolls, while Missouri enjoyed Elefun and Nebraska played with Mr. Bucket. Oh, the 90s. Happy reminiscing and happy holidays!

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