Mmm, 'tis the season. Girl Scout cookie season! The ultimate New Years' resolution buster, the young women of the Girl Scout organization will soon be hitting you up for tasty treats if they haven't already. As a companion to that, someone went to Google Trends and crunched data to find each state's favorite Girl Scout cookie based on the number of searches for said most popular cookie.

Now, what's interesting is the one Iowa, by this piece of research, picked as its favorite is one you very, very likely have never even had...

Iowa's most searched cookie for 2022 is brand-spankin' new

Back at the beginning of the month, we told you about a new cookie option the Girl Scouts were unleashing on the country this year. That cookie is known as the Adventurefuls. It's a tasty-sounding "indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt", according to the Girl Scouts. They look tasty too...

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa
Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa

So what does it mean that Iowa searched the daylights out of this new cookie? Clearly, it doesn't mean we like the way it tastes as it's so new, likely very few have tried it. I'd say it means we in Iowa are on the cutting edge of the cookie (and snack food) universe.

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What did other states choose for their "favorite" Girl Scout cookie?

Iowa wasn't alone in heavily searching for the new Adventurefuls cookie. Two other states awent crazy for 'em, too. Kansas and Arkansas are also all about the new option. Overall, 38 states are still diggin' Thin Mints and 8 states are searching for Tagalongs.


Fudge Covered Chocolate Cookies with Mint Flavor
People sure do LOVE Thin Mints

My personal favorite, the Samoas, sometimes known as the Caramel deLites, was picked by... zero states. Probably because it's got two names? Maybe? Guess I'm going to have to Google 'em a few more times this year.

See the full cookie Google Trends map here.

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