As a child of the 90s, I can say there were A LOT of great movies in this era--and I'm not just talking about all of the Disney ones!

It's hard to pick a favorite when there were so many great ones, but Frontier Bundles found a way! They put together a list of each state's favorite '90s movie by using "unadjusted domestic gross total earnings to generate a list of the 20 most popular movies released in the U.S. during the ‘90s regardless of genre or rating". Then they analyzed Google Trends data to see which movies people are still searching for to this day. Sounds legitimate to us! That's how they came up with the list, here are the favorites.

Iowa's choice did not disappoint! According to this list, Saving Private Ryan is our favorite. That is SUCH a good movie, and New Hampshire, New Jersey and Connecticut seem to agree with us. Check out some of the other states favorites in the map below.

Other favorites include The Lion King, Home Alone, Forest Gump, Jurassic Park and more! See the full list here.

Looking through this list really brings back some memories. Ah, the 90s. Do you agree with Iowa's favorite? What was your favorite 90s movie? Let us know in the comments.

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