"Remember that one-time summer camp?" I'm not just randomly throwing a line from a movie at you, I'm actually asking you a question. If you were lucky enough to attend any kind of summer camp, you know the kind of lifelong memories that are created. It could be bible camp, church camp, swim camp, sports camp, any kind of camp, and I bet you still hold on to those memories.

On Camp Tanager's Facebook page, they say "Camp Tanager was established in 1926 so children could participate in a summer camp experience regardless of financial circumstances." It's a sad fact of life that not all families can afford to send their kids to summer camp. I salute Camp Tanager for doing their best to try to make summer camp a reality for everyone, no matter how much money their family has. With their new expansion project, they're going to give a lot more children the opportunity to experience what summer camp is all about.

Camp Tanager, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, is expanding so they can make summer camp a reality for more children, according to KCRG. They have added a new main lodge and a cabin, which the staff celebrated last Tuesday.

With these new additions, Camp Tanager will be able to host an additional 200 kids every summer. Without these expansions, many children would end up on a waitlist to attend camp, according to KCRG.

Melissa Walk, who works at Camp Tanager, knows the kinds of life skills summer camp can help teach children. She told KCRG

It’s really important to us to ensure every kid who needs the opportunity to attend camp, has that opportunity. We know that camp builds wonderful resilience and teaches life skills that every kid deserves to have.

They aren't done expanding with just the main lodge and cabin either. Tanager is also adding an additional 6-lane swimming pool as well as another cabin.

Not only will Tanager be able to host more attendees, they looking to continue to build their staff. If you are looking to work as a camp counselor this summer, they've asked you to fill out an application at Paycom Online.

Would it be selfish of me to ask them to create a summer camp for 31-year-old adults? This looks like an absolute blast!

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