Do you have an amazing mom? I know I do!

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, we took to Facebook this week to ask listeners about their favorite memories of their moms. It could be something funny or something sentimental, whatever memory stands out to you the most!

When it comes to memories of my mom, I could talk about all the homemade Halloween costumes, trips to the zoo, birthday parties, taco nights, Christmas cookies, apple orchard visits, and our late night trips to Meijer to buy the newest Harry Potter book, but the memory that stands out to me right now took place when I was around 18-years-old.

When I was in high school, I was a bit of a choir nerd. I was in glee club, show choir, and all of the school musicals, so when I graduated, I really missed singing. Unfortunately, we didn't know of many bars that would let me in to sing karaoke because of my age. After befriending a karaoke host during a competition, she told us of a small town bar that she worked at that would let me in to sing, just as long as my mom came with me. The only problem? It was 45 minutes away. That didn't stop my mom. For months and months, my mom would drive us out to this place on Friday nights just so I could do karaoke. She never complained or asked me for gas money. I now realize that it was her only opportunity to spend time with me, since I was a busy college student with a job. I really cherish all those nights at the bar, but mostly the conversations and the time we had to listen to music and comedy albums during the long drives. I'll never forget them.


I'm not the only one with some great memories of my momma! Here are some of the photos and stories from other Iowans:

Iowans Share Their Favorite Memories of Mom for Mother's Day

Do you have a memory to share about your mom! Leave it in the comments below!

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