One of the least surprising statistics emerging from the coronavirus pandemic is that Iowans are drinking more than ever.

According to the Gazette, liquor sales in Iowa have surged in the past few months. Iowans bought nearly $32 million of booze in March 2020 an increase of over 18%. In April 2020, Iowans guzzled nearly $29 million of the hard juice.

Sounds like Carrie Underwood isn't the only one "Drinking Alone." But anyone with a  history of problem drinking can attest to the fact that isolation and drinking can lead to trouble, big trouble if left unchecked.

That's not to say everyone needs a 12-Step program, but if the shoe fits...local AA groups have turned up the technology and have taken to Zoom online meetings to help members arrest their desire to drink.

Meanwhile, it smells like the nearby states of Illinois and Michigan are reporting strong sales of recreational marijuana. The Chicago Sun-Times reports weed sales of nearly $110 million just since January. And Michigan has reported over $31 million in sales after legalizing grass last year.

It all seems legit if not understandably reasonable. It's probably not just stress-related either. You can factor in boredom as a secondary reason why people are pouring themselves a couple of extra fingers of bourbon and maybe taking a few puffs now and then.

Now that restaurants and bars will be opening soon, perhaps the number of home drinkers will drop back to its previous average. But if the virus flares up again, as some expect it might with a lack of social distancing, it may be a good idea to keep the liquor cabinet fully stocked, just in case...

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