Well, it's official! Iowans and Nebraskans are mortal enemies.

A writer by the name of Matt Shirley recently asked his 320,000 Instagram followers to name their state's least favorite state. Not surprisingly, the winner for Iowa was Nebraska, and the winner for Nebraska was Iowa.

The survey also found interesting things about other Midwest states:

  • Minnesota hates Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin hates Illinois
  • Illinois hates Indiana
  • Missouri hates Kansas
  • North Dakota and South Dakota hate each other

Overall, California was the most hated state. Nine different states chose Cali, including every single bordering state. California apparently hates Texas. Only one state couldn't decide on just one state to hate, so the conclusion is that they hate everyone. That state was New Jersey. My favorite result from the survey, though, is the fact that Florida chose ITSELF. Alabama and Georgia also picked Florida as the state they hate the most.


Do you hate the state of Nebraska? Tell us why in the comments below!

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