When you go on vacation, sometimes you try to bring back a souvenir or two. It's always fun to have a reminder of your trip. Most people bring back a T-shirt, a magnet, a shot glass, a postcard, or maybe a snow globe. This Iowa woman brought back a few items from her trip to Kenya and I've never heard of or seen anything like this. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, something like this happens.

It's not just the item that was seized at the MSP airport that has me boyishly laughing while I write this, it's what she wanted to do with the item/s that were taken.

Unsplash - James Wainscoat
Unsplash - James Wainscoat

Her Plan

It turns out that it's illegal to transport animal poop into the United States unless you've been granted special permission, according to USA Today. U.S Customs and Border Protection seized a box full of giraffe poop from an Iowa woman who was returning home from her trip to Kenya.

The woman in question was chosen for inspection by border patrol agriculture specialists and when she was asked about the droppings, she told the specialists "she obtained the droppings in Kenya and planned to make a necklace" according to USA Today.

*WARNING, If you do not want to see photo evidence of the animal feces, you might want to skip on pushing play...*

There's More

According to We Are Iowa Local 5 News, this isn't the first feces-style necklace this woman has made. She's supposedly used moose poop to make a necklace in the past...

I'm not one to judge anyone. If you're not hurting others or yourself, I try to let other people live their lives how they want...but how on earth can someone wear poop around their neck, which is very close to your face, for any amount of time. Sure, it might not be fresh animal droppings but there's no chance that these poop necklaces don't smell horrendous.

I have a LOT of questions for this woman. How did she obtain the poop? Did she just pick it up off on the ground or did she have to buy it? Do they sell it in stores? How do you prevent the necklace from falling apart? When it gets really hot outside, does the necklace get mushy and start to melt?

When I woke up this morning, I never would've guessed that I'd be curious to know if "poop necklaces" melt when it gets hot outside. This entire story is pretty crappy...

Sorry I had to make at least one poop joke.

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