Just over a week ago I wrote about the state of Iowa being under threat for the first severe weather of the year on Saturday, March 5. No one could have predicted just how bad it would be. Below are several videos of the tornadoes, including one from inside a home that was hit, one taken by a child from inside a vehicle as his family fled, and storm chaser videos, as well.

The National Weather Service now reports at least 13 confirmed tornadoes hit Iowa last Saturday. Three of those were in the eastern part of the state.

Central and western Iowa were impacted by 10 other tornadoes. They were the storms that were the most severe, with a total of seven people losing their lives.

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There are countless videos of the storms from last weekend. The first one below is of a family trying to escape the storm in their vehicle. A young boy is behind the camera. At first, he has questions for his dad but soon becomes terrified.

*Note: Many of the videos below contain profanity.

This video is from storm chashers who came across the aftermath of the storm in Winterset, even before roads have been cleared.

And finally, a video from Runnells, Iowa, about an hour northeast of Winterset. It's from a GoPro camera that was set up inside a home that was hit by the tornado. It's incredible to watch how fast conditions change and how quickly things go to almost complete darkness inside the storm.

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