Earlier this week we had a story about a Cedar Rapids motorist who got popped for speeding in Minnesota. He was going nearly 160 miles per hour. Now THAT'S going to result in a serious ticket, or far worse.

While this guy is an Iowa driver driving in Minnesota, it doesn't mean Iowans are more likely to speed, right? Well actually, if you're an Iowa driver, you may be a target when leaving the state. Why? Because we have a bit of a reputation when it comes to speeding.

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The reason an Iowan may be a target outside our state, and certainly within it? According to a 2022 insurance study done by the website Insurify, Iowans have the second-highest rate of speeding tickets in the entire country.

Think about that for a second. Our state with a population of 3-some million has the second highest rate of speeding tickets in the U.S.

The Insurify study also found the percentage of drivers in the Hawkeye State with a speeding ticket is just under 15%. We also, according to this study, rank dead last in having motorists with a squeaky-clean driving record.

Again, this is according to one study (though I found a lot of other news outlets seem to trust this study). While I have no statistics to back it up, a reason I think we're so high on the speeding ticket list, is we have so many rural areas. This limits mass transit options and cuts down on the likelihood of carpooling. This means there are more cars are out there, hence more chances to speed.

SO which state beats us in most speeding tickets per capita? Ohio. Lead feet must be required for entry into the Buckeye State.

The state with the fewest speeding tickets? New York. This really shouldn't surprise you too much as they have a ton of mass transit options.

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