Two things people in Iowa did a lot more of during the pandemic: gardening and drinking. It gave an Urbandale woman an idea to combine the two in a unique way. Introducing "Pots & Shots", a new shop set to open in West Des Moines in September.

Tamesha Bomato is a registered nurse, whose kids, like many others, were forced into online at-home schooling during the pandemic. Despite her nursing job being more in demand than ever, she pivoted and left that job to stay home, tend to her kids, and handle their educational needs.

This left her more able to invest in one of her biggest hobbies: plants. What started out as a way to simply brighten and beautify her home became an idea for what Tamesha calls a "much-needed" business in the Des Moines area.

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She will sell you a drink while also sharing her knowledge of greenery as you look to purchase the perfect houseplant of your own. Three other independent plant shops have opened in the Des Moines metro area in the last four years, though, which created the need for something quirky to add to Bomato's concept: a full-service wine and cocktail bar specializing in botanical drinks.

It also works out considering the fact that her husband and business partner works at a construction and design company with the experience and knowledge to make the shop itself the space of her dreams. "Pots & Shots" will be open soon at 9500 University Ave. Bomato also envisions the new concept as a unique form of healing, as she has seemingly left the medical profession behind for good.

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