I love this story. In a world seemingly filled with people trying to get ahead no matter how they have to accomplish that goal, here's an Iowa law enforcement officer that did wrong. When he realized what he'd done, he told one of the people in his command to charge him with the offense. Then, he paid the fine.

Webster County Sheriff Jim Stubbs was driving an all-terrain vehicle a few weeks ago, heading for some property his family had purchased. He was heading to the wrong address and when he realized it had to go from a gravel road onto the shoulder of U.S. Highway 169. He soon recalled that driving an all-terrain vehicle on a highway was against the law. A Sheriff's deputy had pulled off on that road and when Stubbs saw him, he pulled up next to him and told him to write him a ticket. That's exactly what happened.


In Magistrate Court Thursday, Stubbs pleaded guilty to operating an ATV on a roadway or highway.

The Fort Dodge Messenger reports that, when entering the plea, Stubbs told the Magistrate,

I did it and I hold myself responsible. If I'm going to have people out giving citations, then I need to hold myself to that higher standard as well. And nobody's above the law. I want to make sure everyone's equal as far as the Sheriff's Department is concerned. And that includes me.

I don't know if Stubbs is running for re-election this fall but if he is, he may just have assured victory... even if his wallet is $132.50 lighter thanks to the fine he paid.

He certainly earned the respect of Magistrate Judge William Thatcher. He told Stubbs,

I commend your honesty, your integrity, your ethics and your dedication to law enforcement in Webster County.

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