Iowa's senior senator Chuck Grassley is among the state's most popular elected officials. But will his stance on a current issue change that?

Grassley is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He has announced that he will refuse to consider any Supreme Court nomination from President Obama. He is among the majority of Republicans that want to wait and allow the next President to make that choice. It's a move that is popular among the GOP but has been harshly criticized by Democrats.  And therein lies the danger for Grassley, who is seeking re-election in the senate.

Democrats are making no secret that they're going to make this a campaign issue. Ad campaigns are already popping up supporting both sides of the argument. At stake is which way the Supreme Court may choose to govern. Republicans don't want President Obama to choose a new justice for fear they may be too liberal for their liking. However, Obama would have no shot at getting an ultra liberal judge through the nominating process anyway as Republicans are in control of the Senate. Many feel that the President would choose a moderate with a better chance of passage.

The plan could actually backfire on the GOP. What if the Democrats win the presidential election AND regain control of the Senate? Then Republicans could face a far more liberal nominee than if they would've just gone with President Obama's. Grassley has made no signs of movement on the issue.  And with the race for president continuing, you can bet this is one of the big issues that won't go away.

[via Des Moines Register]