Some parents shield their kids from current events. I like to discuss them with my kids. When the school shootings happened in Florida last month, I didn't pretend it didn't happen. I talked about it with my kids. Our schools are faced with a similar challenge. Ignore what happened or prepare for a worst-case scenario.

After the Parkland, Florida shooting, the Iowa State Legislature suggested all Iowa schools come up with emergency plans dealing with an active shooter. The schools in the Marion Independent District where my kids go have addressed the situation. Chase, who goes to Vernon Middle School, had a school assembly where they talked about what happened and what to do during an active shooter situation. He seemed unfazed by the discussion. But when my daughters brought home notes this weekend announcing that they'd be doing drills at their elementary schools, it shook me.

I remember doing drills when I was their age. Fire drills and tornado drills. That was it. It saddens me that these horrific incidents have become so commonplace that we now must try and prepare our young children for them to happen. I just don't know what to compare it to. I suppose you could ask someone who grew up during the heart of the cold war. Kids in school used to do drills on what to do in case the Russians bombed us. No doubt you've seen the pictures of kids huddling under their desks. That drill today seems dated and not necessary. Maybe active shooter drills will someday too.

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