Lawmakers at the Iowa State Capital stopped debate on a gun bill in the wake of the school shooting in Florida. The 'constitutional carry' legislation was pulled from committee discussion following the death of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The legislation would have made changes to Iowa's gun permit laws. Lawmakers said that the bill was pulled because the Iowa House didn't plan on debating the bill and that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was not in favor of making changes to current Iowa law. Something the Legislature did do yesterday was encourage all Iowa schools to adopt security plans to deal with an 'active shooter' situation.

That was something that happened at my son's school yesterday. I asked Chase, who is 13 and attends Vernon Middle School in Marion if they had talked about the Florida school shooting. He said, "yes, we had an assembly." At that assembly, they talked about what to do and where to go if a shooter entered their school. They also talked about reporting suspicious behavior to adults. I'm glad that schools are being proactive and taking measures to deal with things like this. But I'm also saddened it's come to this. The only drills I did in school were fire and tornado drills.


[via Gazette]

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