Iowa voters are being reminded that it is illegal to take a selfie inside the voting booth on election day. You can blame Justin Timberlake for bringing attention to the issue. The singer flew home to his native Tennessee to vote and took a ballot selfie. The problem is they're also illegal in Tennessee.

State officials say the get how important it is to share the fact that you voted. That's why they'll actually be setting up 'selfie stations' at some voting places across the state. Officials also suggest taking a photo of yourself after you've voted with your 'I voted' sticker. Either way, Iowa law forbids the taking of photos inside the voting booth. However, pictures of an absentee ballot are allowed.

Supporters of the ballot selfie say the action is protected under free speech. Studies also show that it may boost voter participation. Opponents say that it could encourage vote-buying. Several state supreme courts, including Michigan, have struck down bans saying that it violates free speech.


[via Gazette]