According to a new article from KWWL, "Iowa lawmakers passed legislation Tuesday allowing restaurants to continue the selling of to-go alcoholic drinks." To-go cocktails have become increasingly popular these past few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been able to make much-needed money selling take-out alcoholic beverages, especially businesses that rely on alcohol for most of their sales. For example, there's ARI'Z in Waterloo.

ARI'Z is a martini bar located at 504 Sycamore Street. They just reopened for dine-in services at half capacity back on June 5th, but they've been able to stay in business with their carry-out options. The article from KWWL says that the to-go cocktails they have been offering brought in lots of new customers. Aurion Redding, the co-owner of ARI'Z, told the news outlet that some people aren't fans of going out. She said, "that's why to-gos worked so well for us, we picked up a bunch of customers we probably wouldn't of had."

The article also notes that over 30 states are allowing to-go cocktails right now, but only four of them are looking to make the allowance permanent. It is also important to remember that the drinks are for home consumption ONLY. No drinking in your car!

When my birthday came around back in early May, I was on the hunt for to-go margaritas. I discovered that many local Mexican restaurants are selling their margaritas in take-home containers. I ended up just buying a pre-made mix from the grocery store, but it's good to know that there are always options!

Have you ordered to-go drinks from any local restaurants? Let us know in the comments!

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