If you're from Iowa and reading this at home or even at the office at your desk, take a look around. Would someone else think to themselves, "That place is a pigsty!"? Maybe it's time for you to break the mold and clean up that mold.

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Iowans are starting to get a bad reputation for being disgusting and it's all thanks to this new study. It breaks down the most and least hygienic states and Iowa is on the wrong side of this list.

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Iowa Has Very Disgusting People

If you have kids, I totally understand always having a messy house. As a dad myself, cleaning never ends and it will never end. But we all know people without kids that have a very messy house and they're from Iowa.

This isn't much of a surprise to the people at Glass Doctor who recently revealed the results of their study showing the most and least hygienic states.


Iowa ranked as the 8th-least hygienic state in the U.S. States with even more disgusting people than Iowa include Oklahoma (7th), Delaware (6th), North Carolina (5th), Maryland (4th), Ohio (3rd), Rhode Island (2nd), and Nebraska (1st).

If you live in the Hawkeye State, it should make you happy knowing that Nebraskans are filthy, filthy people.

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For you neat freaks out there, consider moving to Florida, Louisiana, or Georgia which are the most hygienic states in the U.S. Weird, I thought most people in the south were stereotypically dirtier than usual. Probably because most people live in a swamp.

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