For those of us raising families here in Iowa, the news that the state ranks high on a list of the best states to raise a family doesn't surprise us. We already know that Iowa is a pretty great place. Wallethub released their '2017 Best and Worst States to Raise a Family' list and it looked favorably upon the Hawkeye state.

There were 40 different categories that were analyzed and determined the final rankings. Iowa came in ranked as the 8th best state overall to raise a family. Among the areas that Iowa ranked high in were #1 in housing affordability, #5 in percent of two-parent families, #6 for median family salary, #7 for unemployment rate, #8 in divorce rate, and 10th in percent of families below poverty level.

To see the rest of Iowa's rankings and how the rest of the U.S. fared, check out Wallethub's study HERE.


[via CBS2]

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