With Turkey Day almost upon us, let's talk turkey!

According to Zippia, 286 million Americans will gobble up 46 million turkeys during Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones this holiday. That's a lot of turkey!

But where do these turkeys come from? Zippia did some digging into USDA data and agriculture reports to find the states that are producing the most turkeys and 'States With The Most Turkey Jobs'. And if you don't know what a "turkey job" is, it's basically just a job in the turkey industry.


Iowa ranks very high when it comes to turkey! We're #2 on the list of states with the most turkey jobs, employing 11,673 workers. We're also #2 when it comes to the highest paid wages for those jobs, paying $685,297,000 total. When it comes to raising the birds, Iowa comes in at #7 with 12,100,000 turkeys raised in 2016.

Those are some big digits for one state! Just looking at these numbers makes us feel stuffed. Want to see how Iowa compares to some of our neighboring states? Read more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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