If you plan on retiring soon, and are hoping to move away, do you ever wonder if Florida or Arizona are your only options?  Why not simply stay put? Here is some new information that may help you rethink why considering Iowa first makes sense.

The personal-finance website WalletHub recently conducted an in-depth analysis identifying 2017’s Best & Worst States to Retire.

WalletHub’s analysts compared all 50 states across 31 key metrics, including “adjusted cost of living”, “weather” and “quality of public hospitals.” Here is how Iowa ranked:

Retiring in Iowa (1=Best; 25=Avg.)

  • 13th – Adjusted Cost of Living
  • 26th – Annual Cost of In-Home Services
  • 20th – % of the Population Aged 65 & Older Working
  • 9th – Museums per Capita
  • 9th – % of Population Aged 65 & Older
  • 18th – Property-Crime Rate
  • 16th – Life Expectancy
  • 2nd – Health-Care Facilities per Capita

I would suggest that Iowa may be the perfect place to enjoy it all, mostly because of the four full season with moderate winters, plenty of fall color, warm summers, and mild spring seasons.

See for yourself. You can read the full report right here: 2017’s Best & Worst States to Retire.

[source: WalletHub]

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