Puppy mills are an issue across the country, but unfortunately for us, Iowa is the state with the most problems.

According to WHO-13, a non-profit organization called Bailing Out Benji that is "dedicated to ending puppy mills through research, education and advocacy" just released an unsettling report. The report detailed puppy mill violations from the United States Department of Agriculture. Iowa topped the list of violations.

WHO-13 reports that the findings showed "19 of Iowa’s breeders and brokers received violations from January 1, 2022, to March 31, 2022." Yikes. Those violations included things like lack of veterinary care, housing, and sanitization for the animals. Situations that we've seen too many times here in Iowa.

Back in 2018, 170 dogs were rescued from a northern Iowa puppy mill, and in November of 2021 over 500 dogs were surrendered to the Animal League of Iowa after a mill in Iowa had over 120 violations. The conditions of the animals was heartbreaking to see.

What Can I Do to Help Iowa's Puppy Mill Situation?

While getting rid of the problem completely will be tough, there are things that you can do to help the situation. One, voice your opinion to state officials to let them know it's a problem. Also, WHO reports that the ARL suggests that you can vet locations before buying a pet by "reporting the conditions and asking potential owners to meet the puppies’ parents." Know who and where you're buying from.

Photos of Dogs Recused From an Iowa Puppy Mill

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