A post office clerk from Dubuque just received a prison sentence for stealing checks from the mail. According to KCRG-TV9, 38-year-old Amy Jursic was an employee for the Dubuque Post Office in 2017 and 2018. The report states that during her employment she "stole over 60 pieces of mail." Not just any mail either. Mail that contained checks that were made out to a business in Dubuque. If you're wondering what Jursic could possibly do with checks made out to a business, there was a process to get the money.

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The KCRG report states that Jursic would give the checks to someone in Chicago who would then change the names on the checks and try to deposit them in various bank accounts. It was all part of a check-cashing operation, and it was successful. Jursic stole $650,000 worth of checks, but only $62,000 of that was actually deposited. The rest got flagged as fraudulent and were denied by banks.

This whole operation definitely wasn't worth it for Jursic. She now has to pay the $62,000 she gained back in restitution to the victims and is looking at prison time. The report states that she has to serve 33 months in prison and has three years of supervised release.

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