We've had our share of snow this winter. Just look around town and you'll see it piled high in yards and on the sides of streets. One good thing about the snow is that we can make snowmen. Some people have taken that to the extreme and have made GIANT snowmen or even snow dragons! Pretty "cool". We've seen the good snowmen, but what about the bad ones? Welp, wait no longer because a snow criminal has just been captured!

Ames Police Department have a cold-blooded criminal in custody that they say is responsible for "434 reportable accidents and 323 snow ordinance parking tickets".


We got a kick out of this post and the comments are just as good.

It's a good thing this snow criminal was captured too because spring is approaching in eight days! It looks like the Ames Police Department closed this cold case. There's no word yet on what the punishment will be for the snow criminal, but our guess is that the van's heater on the way to the jail will do the trick.

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