A middle school in Burlington, Iowa was put on lockdown yesterday morning after a family was seen walking their child to school. Sweet lord, how could they?

The parents, who had just moved to Burlington, were walking their child to school just before 8 a.m. Thursday when they caught the eye of someone who lived in the neighborhood. They apparently thought, 'Who are these people I don't recognize walking a child toward Edward Stone Middle School?' They then called police.

When the parents, and their child, arrived at the school they were informed it was on lockdown. They had no idea the lockdown was because of them.

Lights were turned off in classrooms, doors were closed, and police arrived on the scene. The lockdown lasted 45 minutes while police checked the area.

Burlington School Superintendent Pat Coen said it was a shame it happened, but he was also understanding. He told the Hawkeye the parents were holding their child's hand and that,

New people just moved to town and next thing you know we’re spazzing. But better safe than sorry. By all means, if we tell citizens and students if you see something, say something, then we mean that, by golly.

Perhaps the saddest part of all is that parents holding their child's hand is considered suspicious. All kids should be so lucky.

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