It's Teacher Appreciation Week! A week-long celebration of all of the incredible teachers out there. Despite the special week, some Iowa parents are having trouble showing their appreciation due to district policies.

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To show thanks to some of their kids' teachers, parents in Carroll, Iowa got together to raise money to get lunch delivered to the teachers. One problem, the school district has some restrictions. KCCI reports that the superintendent told parents that they "couldn't bring the food onto school grounds," as it's a "district policy that all donations need school board approval." Well, these clever parents found their way around that one.

Instead of distributing lunches to teachers on school grounds, they brought lunch just across the street. Parents paid for a food truck to serve meals to the teachers. During Tuesday's lunchtime, teachers walked just across the street of the school to a food truck waiting to serve them. While happy they were able to find a solution, some parents were frustrated that the school administration wasn't able to help.

We're just trying to show appreciation for these teachers that play such a big role in our kids' lives, and it's really frustrating and it's really hurtful to see our own administration, our own superintendent, our own school board basically say 'nah.'"-Carroll parent Brady Brehmer told KCCI.

We're glad these teachers were able to get treated, despite the struggles. Show some appreciation for a teacher(s) that you love! Give them a shoutout in the comments or send us a message in the app. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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