A post this good just keeps coming back!

Rose Haven Nursing Home in Marengo, Iowa is always sharing photos on social media of all sorts of fun events that they put on for their residents. Some of those photos were recently picked up by popular Facebook page called Love What Matters, which has garnered them some more much-deserved attention!

According to the official website, Love What Matters "exists to spread real stories by real people far and wide, to celebrate the love, kindness and compassion they represent – while reminding us that these things do not happen by default, they’re a daily choice." Last week, the page shared a post from Rose Haven Nursing Home, which documented their "Booze N’ Tattoos" event.

Rose Haven first held a "Booze N' Tattoos" event back in 2020, but said that it was so popular that they had to bring it back again in 2021! According to a 2020 article from KCRG, staff applied temporary tattoos and handed out both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to residents. The original post went super viral, with over 242,000 shares!

Now that the post has been picked up by Love What Matters, it's received ANOTHER 22,000 shares over the past few days! If you've already seen the original photos from 2020, here are a few from the second annual "Booze N' Tattoos" event that Rose Haven held in September of 2021:

Kudos to the folks at Rose Haven Nursing Home in Marengo for finding unique ways to put a smile on their residents' faces! We can't wait to see what you come up next!

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