The old saying when it comes to real estate is 'location, location, location'. Terry Tigner wishes his home was in a different location. Tigner has to have the unluckiest home address in the state of Iowa. There isn't anything out of the ordinary when you look at his home in rural Norwalk, Iowa. That is until you look at the intersection near his house.

The T intersection of County Highway R63 and G14 is near Tigner's home. Last month, an SUV ran through the intersection and ended up plowing into Terry's house, according to the Des Moines Register. Tigner told the Register that a loud bang woke him up, and he wasn't quite sure where he was. He grabbed some clothes and his handgun and went to see what happened. The SUV that hit his house was located in his garage, just a few feet away from his bedroom. Now this story is bad enough, but this isn't the first time a vehicle has hit Tigner's home.

This is the third time in two years a car has struck Tigner's house! THIRD time! Six other vehicles have flown through that same intersection and ended up in his front yard, just feet away from hitting his home! What is a homeowner supposed to do? The Register reports that the county is aware of the problem. It has lowered the speed limit near the intersection and also added flags to the stop signs. But clearly that hasn't kept cars that aren't his, out of Terry Tigner's house!

Tigner told the Register that the latest repairs will include a new garage door, which had just been replaced from a previous accident, plus new walls, windows, and possibly a roof. He says he's also spoken to the county's engineering department about more possible changes to the intersection.

Maybe its time to move, Terry?


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